We create stunning Marriage Albums to showcase the perfect shots of the big day.

Custom wedding albums are a great way to preserve your cherished memories that would stay with you for ever! This page showcase a sample wedding album that is designed meticulously by our professional design team with emotions and creativity.


Marriage in India is a sacred ceremony which marks the beginning of a new life for the both bride and the groom. During the marriage ceremony, several rituals are performed and each ritual has its own importance.

Generally marriage ceremonies are grand events for celebration that is spread over a several days.

Our professional wedding album design team would strive hard to portray all the captured moments of your special day for you to cherish in your special wedding album.

We realize that the wedding photos capture important occasions in full of emotions, therefore we work very hard at designing artistic wedding albums that truly narrate the real story of the big day.


They met, talked like friends, fell in love and won each other's heart for life. A perfect start of a new exciting life story.


The groom's family members, friends and relatives accompany him to the wedding venue in large procession known as Baraat. Called Barati, they are joyfully welcomed and received by the bride's family and friends.

Big day for groom who often arrives on top of a colourfully decorated horse.


Mangal pheras is one of the most important features of the Hindu wedding, that involves seven rounds around a pious fire lit for the purpose amidst the Vedic mantras chant. Vows are made in the presence of the sacred fire, to never get separated.


One of the most important custom of every Hindu wedding is Sindoor ceremony also called Sindoor Dana.

Groom puts Sindoor or red vermilion powder in his bride’s hair, symbolising her marital status - a ritual has been performed for over 5000 years now.


Traditional Indian wedding has a reputation to be one of the most extravagant affairs, that is marked by great pomp and gaiety.

The wedding reception party is one such post wedding ceremony that every one look forward to once the main marriage ceremonies are over.


Wedding reception party is where newly wed couple receive the blessing and gifts from the family, relatives and friends.

The venue is heavily decorated to look mesmerizing and majestic. Big stage is set, adored with exquisite and magnificent decorations. Lavish cuisine and excellent dishes are served. The grand party often involves good music and non stop dancing by all the guests.


All Indian weddings are much more than the union of the bride and groom. They in fact establishes the bond between two families.

WOW! What a Wedding - A morning full of excitement, a day to celebrate, an evening to relieve and night to remember.

Simply give us your digital wedding photos and we will provide you a custom designed and printed wedding album, right at your door steps.

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