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Your Wedding Album @ HALF the price!

Custom wedding photo albums are a great way to preserve your cherished memories. Create your beautiful, unique wedding photo album that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

FREE! Personalised Tough Box

FREE! Personalised Dust Jacket

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Karizma Wedding Album

Karizma Wedding Album

  • Enclosed in personalised Tough box
  • Inside box is protected on all 4 sides by cushion pad
  • Thick & Tough Print
  • Available in Gloss and Matte finish
  • Personalised & custom printed Dust Jacket printed with 12 color pigment ink
  • Thick album cover
  • Bound with hot melting sheets for all weather protection
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Olive Wedding Album - Click for more details

Olive Wedding Album

  • Thin, Slim and Lightweight
  • Non Tearable - Polyester Strongness
  • Twin Side Printing
  • Lamination :- Glossy & Velvet (Feather Touch)
  • seamless LAY FLAT binding
  • Full Pad (No Cut)
  • Personalized Dust Jacket to protect & gives an International Look
  • Personalised Box (Double Side Opening)
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